Isochem Colors has been servicing the Textiles industry since 1991. Isochem Colors was formed by years of experience in manufacturing Dyes and chemicals for the Textile industry.  

The original founders were from Sandoz,now Clariant, Dupont, Crompton and Knowles.  The main concept of Isochem Colors was to get to basics , understanding our customers, working with their most important needs.


Working together in exploring more efficient cost saving processes with dyes and Auxiliaries and finishing chemicals. In today’s market we have realized that working closely with our clients and not being just a supplier but a partner to help our clients become more competitive in a global market.

We always stay at the forefront of innovative technologies in the textile field that will allow us to have a better innovative product, efficient processes saving time, water and energy.

Our purpose


We aspire to be a global leader in specialty chemicals and dyes.


Our mission is to offer our clients competitive and innovative solutions aiming to increase their efficiencies and profitability, surpassing the personalized service they deserve, we also aim in creating a positive and safe work atmosphere for employees and acting sustainably to protect and preserve our environment.